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THE Ill Quill

Wordwheel Update Updated

I can't escape this damn thing. More sentences below.

Haha! objective order is a game.
Remember liesurely lewdness is bad.
The old new pope lapsed into a coma.
A philosophy inspired by injustices of life.
Click the paved road to unchain stars.
All oval shaped faces do not laugh.
All black forewings are thick and thin.
Create truth and beauty at breakfast.
Create more than one revolution
Create popular flare up firms.
I described black forewings at breakfast.
I love dreary black days like a rose.
All yellow odor is bad
Absurd space calls for music.
Absurd drawing is bad.
There is truth and beauty opposite art.
Red white men crisscross China.
Remember objective order is a game.
In the fall too much of anything is a game.
A philosohpy picnic modifies a verb.
One player full of fighting spirit modifies a verb.


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