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THE Ill Quill

80's Night

I said I'd get back to Coachella and so here I am. It was hot, in more ways than one. Basically if you like music this is your paradise. In order, here is a list of the artists I saw on Sunday alone.

M.I.A., Beans, DJ Krush, The Arcade Fire, Matmos (My new favorite, these guys are on another level. Check them out.), Nine Inch Nails, The Faint, Prodigy, Black Star.

The music was awesome. The people I went with awesomer. Thanks guys for an unforgettable weekend. Sentimental-shentimental. Coachella rocked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always felt sorry for anyone with that number, as they must get a million phone calls asking for... *brain feezes* jenny?

1:33 PM  
Blogger keyed in said...

no you're awesomer

1:29 PM  

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