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THE Ill Quill

Yo Fiddy, pass me da vitamins.

Ok. So we have Justice & McDizzle's, Gwen Stefani & HP, Reebok & Sean Carter. Oh, and G-unit's got a sneaker out, too, let's not forget. So what and or who's next? Well, maybe here's an ansnwer, a partnership between Vitaminwater and Universal Music. The result: formula 50, a new product named after artist 50-Cent. A friend of mine at Universal tells me formula 50 is not for sale, currently, and that so far they only use it as an added value/promotional tool. Hmm. Wonder how it might sell if it did hit the shelves? Tastes and looks good and everything, one problem comes to mind though, people thinking they have to pack heat and wear bullet proof vests in order to get the full formula 50 experience. Vitaminwater. Drink better water and shit, ninjas.

UPDATE: Just got word, Formula Fiddy went retail.


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