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THE Ill Quill

For anyone who has ever sk8ed before...

...And also, for those who haven't, this here is a great little piece about skateboarding (gotta wait a sec for the audio to kick in). Especially Danny Way's section. Holy cow turds Danny! What in the hell are you thinking? The segment really got me because I grew up skating, and man was it awesome. There was a whole crew of kids that would meet up after school and go tear ass through the neighborhood, popping tricks off of random curb-cuts and bumps, grinding ledges, building jump ramps out of wooden pallets in back of Spiros Pizza, playing S.K.A.T.E. (skateboarder's version of horse), and just having a blast in general. Those were the days. I miss it, that's why I recently started up again. Hadn't skated really for three, four years and but wouldn't you know it, my muscle memory kicked in this week and I actually threw down a good line. Nothing like the rippers on Embarcadero of course, but decent enough for me. Line went like this: frontside 180, switch pop shuvit, half cab heelflip, heelflip, shuvit. Not the cleanest landings ever, but still, I rolled away. What a sweet feeling it is. Landing a simple pop shuvit in the sun shine on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Ahh. Yeah.


Blogger tofu said...

i think about skateboarding almost every day. i haven't touched a board in 10 years. my ankles don't miss it a bit. fuck, i sure do. what a sad day it was, when my brother, dad and i disassembled our 1/2 pipe in the backyard. 8 foot on the low side, 9 foot on the high. nice smooth transitions, 10 feet of flat. i have some rad scars from that thing. we took such awesome beatings day after day. yeah!

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

The ramp is still stored beside the house. The 8 foot bench with metal edge is under the deck. You're welcome to come home and use them anytime.

4:46 PM  

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