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Fake Reward

New Balance has been hitting the Bay Area strong this past month so it was of little surprise to find they were behind this "Reward" poster campaign. Found taped to light posts down near the wharf these advertisements resemble a cross between a weight loss promotion and a "lost pet" poster. The copy says something about a reward being paid to those who are "out here...running, jogging, walking, or staggering." The last line however, reads "Terms negotiable. No lawyers or agents needed. Choose currency. Then contact yourself." This may lead one to believe that the award is actually being out there running, jogging, walking, etc. in the first place. The pull offs list the URL and as well offer little call outs; words one might liken to rewards, for example, ice cream, confidence, skinnier, and pride. Also written on the pull offs the words "forloveormoney".

While this is an interesting tactic which will likely drive people to their website the pay off is minimal, perhaps in relation to what the ad suggests, for upon logging onto their website nothing mentions the posters. The payoff then is pretty much zero. This leaves me wondering why? Why did I tear one of these stupid things off? Why am I writing about this? What did New Balance hope to accomplish here? Drive people to their webiste? Ok. But there's got to be something more I'm missing. I was, after all, out there and yet for some strange reason I don't feel rewarded. Hmmm... If anything this here gimmick is designed to catch people's attention. It caught mine. Then again I actually pay attention and look out for little crap like this so go figure.


Anonymous Bryce Buri said...

well, i just went out and bought the new LA Gear so there

2:08 PM  

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