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Uncomplicate way too complicated

Arrived back from Coachella yesterday. One of the best weekend excursions ever. More on that later. For now here's a sample of some street/viral work employed by Levis to promote their new line of "uncomplicated" jeans set to hit shelves, well, two days ago. Get it 5.01? Ask me it's a little too complicated, little too far to go for a ham sandwich, not enough pay off, etc. The whole interesting-polaroids-on-the-ground schtick is interesting, definitely been done before though. In fact I was part of something like this once. In any case for those curious and or bored few both clips, Dog Anxiety and World Gone Pretty, are viewable here.


Anonymous Jake said...

World Gone Pretty is way cool. Love the jab at the metrosexuals!

3:38 PM  

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