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THE Ill Quill

No Sleep Til Wordwheel

Perhaps you know the drill. Three wheels: inside, middle, out. Words and phrases on each wheel. Spin to win. Etc. And now, placed delicately inside two beautiful parenthesis, one sentence I'll never create while spinning (Whatever Lola* wants, Lola gets.) followed by seven others that were.

I heart tremendous deep discount
One player inspired by this tablet
The old drawing makes them feel blue
Red affects the way we think
Slender piggyback strategy
They are full of fighting spirit sorry for living
Congratulations the car is bad.

*in a deep voice


Blogger Milkshake said...

Two things:
1) Pete and Guy of "The Pete and Guy Show" chill at some bar in your hood every Monday and tell stories. You digs Monday?
2) You have to see this. Bacon Rules!

1:11 PM  

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