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THE Ill Quill

Church of Scientology Recruiting Tactic

Don't know what lead me down this recruiting tactic
road as of late, but here I am. This tactic is flat out
funny, especially compared to the Marines approach. For
some strange reason I'm thinking the outcome of these
"free" tests is always the same, perhaps something like,
"Judging by your score Mr. Fitzpatrick, which by the way
was quite impressive, I'd say you're a perfect fit for
our cult, excuse me, organization."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scientolgoy is the greatest religion ever! We exteriorize, we are Masters of Matter Energy Space and Time and idiots like you have no idea about that. Your so ignorant. A Marcabian and suppressive like hell.

You more than anybody else would have a need for the studies of this inetlligent scriptures of Ron, you slimy green Alien - bumm! We all now everything and we can do everything. The world does not know it now but soon when we will rule you all will know it.

Meanwhile weird sicko shut up!


11:35 AM  
Anonymous mj said...

Fanaticism is Fun!

Keep up the cool "Recruiting Tactic" series, I love it. And they work well as re-reads. Good Blogterial.

You know what I wish, I wish that cool graphic toy-banner would stay the way you have manipulated it until someone (else) pressed clear. You could leave art and messages for the author and others to see. That would sure be cool.

8:11 PM  

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